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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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straight ahead at 5:00, traffic headaches tied up the morning rush, beginning with a deadly crash near a busy d.c. tunnel. we will have a live report. >> safety in the skies, another day, dozens more cancellations for southwest airlines. >> spring is in error, for us, at least. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. -- spring is in the air. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good monday morning. i am greta kreuz. >> i am scott thuman. first, meteorologist adam caskey. you
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a lot of people will be happy to see these temperatures. more like spring this week. that is in terms of temperatures and for a few thunderstorms by this time tomorrow morning. it's 46 in hagerstown, 53 in lexington park. sunshine today. cold front early tomorrow morning, that will give us showers and thunderstorms in time for the morning drive tomorrow. sunny and warm today near 80 degrees, with gusts out of the southwest up to 40 miles an hour. showers and thunderstorms late tonight and early tomorrow morning. mid 50's tomorrow. beltway travel is good. no incidents along the interstate travel, to richmond, north into baltimore, clear to the airport. no worries instabilities d.c.
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new york avenues open to the third street tunnel. there was a fatal crash inside the tunnel overnight. let's go to brianne carter at the scene for details. >> investigators remain on the scene. they have been here trying to determine what happened. we do still have some authorities here. traffic is able to get by in some sections of the tunnel. the far left side is still blocked, the southeast freeway. authorities tell us that this is a fatal accident. they believe that there was a car traveling at a higher rate of speed trying to accept which caused the crash. they reported there were a number of vehicles involved. one person has died in this accident. there's no identity given. they have yet to release those
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details as they still try to determine what happened. there will be some traffic tieups. investigators remain on the scene. we will continue to update this throughout the morning. brianne carter, abc 7 news. drivers headed into the district today there's a configuration on the 14th street bridge. the left center lane is shot down. drivers heading to 14th street will have to use the far left lane. driver is staying on 295 may use the three right lanes and there will be more time to merge. a scare on southwest airlines. federal investigators say that inspectors have found more cra -- cracks in three more jets. >> there was an emergency landing as a result on friday. now, new worries in air
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line safety. >> the faa is not saying whether it will acquire other airliners to check for cracks while the ntsb has not determined whether cracks on flight 812 caused the fuselages to open. passengers are worried about safety. at thurgood marshall airport long lines mean frustration for passengers having to make alternate travel plans. >> they are doing a poor job of accommodating the passengers. >> passengers, some of them understand saying that safety should be first. the top of a 15-year-old 747 jet airliner group open after taking off from phoenix with the pilots forced to land in yuma. pre-existing damage was found.
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pieces of the damaged use a lot were removed yesterday and sent to ntsb headquarters. the airline has grounded 79 planes for checks. it has found sub-surface cracks in three more 747's. 60 southwest plans remain grounded. cancellations will likely continue well into tomorrow. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. the annual airline quality survey is out. passengers don't appear to be happy. southwest airlines had the lowest consumer complaint rate. delta. airlines had the delta most passenger complaints had to do with cancellations and delays. investigators are looking for the gunman responsible for a double shooting in southeast. two men were shot in the 3900
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block of pennsylvania avenue around 11:00 last night. someone drove them to the 2800 block. they are in the hospital. no word on their conditions. police are looking for two passengers in a taxicab that was involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash. it happened early yesterday morning on 66. 23-year-old daniel park of herndon was struck by the camp after he got out of the car. investigators have spoken to the driver. they need the passengers account to operate the story. the cdc is under fire for allegedly playing down the health risks from lead in d.c.'s tap water near the government accountability office will release a report next week. it reduces the cdc for saying in 2004 that elevated lead levels did not pose a public health threat. byrd is the cdc to publish a
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report discussing the risk -- it urges the cds to publish a report. for the second time in five years, cbs is looking for a new national anchorperson, will butler's cinderella story turn into a national championship? >> spring break is over for now.
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welcome back. 5:10, to a check on traffic and weather. >> adam caskey is standing by. we were going to see the cherry blossoms on friday but we waited until yesterday along with 8 million other people. they were beautiful. >> yesterday was a good day to see them, near 60 degrees for the high temperature. i dealt with some of that traffic out of the city yesterday evening and it was backed up. much warmer than yesterday today. we are around 50 right now. some clouds overhead. most of that will move out and we will have a fair amount of sunshine for the rest of the day. there's a cold front in the midwest. there's action along that front which will hit us by this time
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tomorrow. showers and storms in time for the morning rush hour tomorrow, and then clearing. temperatures today near 80, upper 70's for most of us, if low 80's south of the metro. the record high at dulles airport is 81. we will be closed do that. morning showers and storms, then sunny and windy. windy today and again tomorrow, gusts up to 40 miles an hour or zero days. temperatures will be dropping into the mid 50's by tomorrow afternoon. we will look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. traffic. 395 northbound to the traffic lane configuration on the 14th street bridge. if you are headed on to lower fourth street -- 14th street, stay to the left. no delays at the d.c. end of the
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bridge. no delay on the george washington parkway. and for maryland commuters, very nice in greenbelt. we don't see that camera often. the beltway at kenilworth avenue is moving nicely. we will have details about an accident in the southbound third street tunnel with brianne carter, stick around for that. 50 degrees, 5:12. >> the eagles became an internet sensation. we will show you, coming up. >> the showdown on capitol hill, not just between right and left, but between welcoae back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. hello uh george and linda! george: hello mr. gecko! linda: so, we're such huge fans _ george: of yours.and would be really honored... linda: ...if you would marry us. me? linda: yea! you just seem so _ george: british sounding. i'm not really qualified to speak on matters of thrsheart. look i'll tell you this: when you insure more than one car geico you could save even more with our multi-car discount.
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welcome back. we begin our top stories with breaking news. parts of interstate 395 in the district is shut down while
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police investigated the overnight crash. it looks like the driver of a car lost control on the ramp from the third street tunnel to 295. the driver died at the scene. there's no word on how long the closure will last. cracks have been found in five southwest airlines planes. 60 boeing 737's still have to be checked. those inspections could be finished by tomorrow. this is after all opened up in a plane during a flight last friday. no one was injured. -- this happened after a hole opens up in a plane. a fire in kansas is 80% contained and a whole town was evacuated. president obama expected to announce that he's running for another term in the white house. he will make the announcement to
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supporters through e-mail, text messages, and social media web sites. there's a report the president goes a campaign web site is ready to go online. five days now to stop a federal shutdown. today lawmakers get back to work trying to reach a deal over government spending. right now it is not just a fight between parties. the gop is trying to get control over some of its own members. now to capitol hill with a budget battle preview. >> good morning. this budget battle is going on between republicans and democrats. both sides want their things in the budget, but republicans are fighting between themselves and members of the tea party. house majority leader john maynard says that he has to win over tea party republicans. -- john boehner. democrats say that republicans after decide whether to do the right thing for the country or
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the right thing for the tea party. tea party republicans say that they will not compromise on spending. some social issues like planned parenthood as well. democrats have agreed to make over $30 million in cuts over the next six months. they're trying to hash out a bipartisan budget that will have tea party support as well. john boehner asays his party is committed to cutting the most out of the budget as possible. u.s. warplanes should stop participating in coalition air strikes decedent. american combat missions were supposed to end on saturday, but nato asked for an extension because of poor weather conditions. nato officially assumed control of operations in libya last week. we could soon find out if crews were able to stop the leaking of radioactive water from the crippled japanese nuclear power plant.
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they tried to plug the leak with concrete but it did not work. now they're using a mixture of chemicals, sawdust and shredded newspaper. japanese officials say that it could take months to and during the nuclear crisis under control. baby birds are a web sensation a sneak peek at the iphone 5. >> early details have been revealed about the next generation iphone. it will feature and a mega pixel cameras. it currently has five. deliver from japan has been delayed by the earthquake. keep an eye on your personal e- mail account. there's been a security breach at tivo exposing customer names and e-mail addresses. because it's before opening any links or attachment from unknown
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sources. 100,000 people have to london over the weekend to watch as two baby eagles were born. the camera has been monitoring their nests located 80 feet in the air in iowa. a third egg exacted-- -- is expected to hatch in the coming days. >> that is a cool video. better than charlie sheen. >> what about the temperatures? near record-breaking highs. dulles airport, the record is 81. that is the closest one we will get to. >> it is not going to last. >> it is not. it is spring. we are starting the day near 50 degrees. notice the areas in might
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indicating high level cloud cover. we are in the warm sector of the broad area of low pressure that is off to our northwest and in the midwest. the cold front associated with that is moving through the midwest. there's some action along that front. that will make it to us by this time tomorrow morning. that will mean areas of rain and a few thunderstorms for the morning drive. the first part of the morning will be fairly damp tomorrow with areas of showers and a few downpours. let's put this into motion. a fair amount of sunshine today. showers and storms early tomorrow morning. maybe a little before 4:00 a.m., pushing through the region quickly up until about 8:00 a.m. then clearing. i anticipate sunshine by the end of the day tomorrow. sunny and warm today near 80 degrees, very refreshing. i think we will break 80 in several locations especially south of the metro area.
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showers and storms develop late tonight. it's going to be windy today through tomorrow. expect wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour out of the southwest today. out of the northwest tomorrow. that will drop temperatures. a northwesterly component. highs tomorrow in the 50's. quite a difference in terms of temperatures after the morning showers and storms. still windy tomorrow. maybe an isolated late day sprinkle into wednesday. well into the 60's by thursday. breaking 70 friday through the weekend. could be unsettled friday through the weekend with a few showers. metro rail is reporting everything is on normal service systemwide. there's no change at the foggy bottom station. entrance escalators are out of service. there's a subtle -- shuttle. normal travel times i-95 between fredericksburg and springfield looks good from washington to
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baltimore. 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway normal. looks good on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. that's where we take you now live. the fatal crash inside the southbound third street tunnel you cannot access the exit that would take you until 395 from the southbound tunnel, but you can get into the tunnel from new york ave. brianne carter is live on the scene. news on that in a little while. back to you. >> thank you. 5:22. 50 degrees. >> college basketball will crown a new champion tonight. will there be a major breakthrough or will the team from the big east prevail? today on "oprah," donald trump, family man? 4:00 on abc 7.
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we came together as a team and as we fough together we got a lot more confident. >> it's not going to be an easy task, but we believe in each other. >> college basketball season comes down to do tonight. butler is back in the finals for the second straight year. they will face uconn with a national title and basketball
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immortality awarded the winner. last night the lad huskies were stron -- the lady huskies played notre dame. >> the wizards have onehave one to two games in a row over a from home. 97-91. the national's played atlanta. the nationalists did not seem to belong on the same field with atlanta on sunday. they played pretty poorly. they lost, 11-2. >> not another one. too early for this. 5:26, 50 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> after a bombing in detroit
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charlie sheen tries to win back fans illinois. we will take a look back at two of stops. >> a fatal accident could lead to some traffic tieups in the morning rush. i will break it down, coming up. >> we are tracking temperatures. up today and
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i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. straight ahead terror 35,000 feet up. an emergency landing mid-air, federal investigators have now
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found more problems in the southwest lead. good morning, washington. it's monday, april 4, i am scott thuman. >> i am greta kreuz. alison starling as the day off. we start with adam caskey. a warm forecast today. it's much warmer. you will notice the distance. temperatures will climb quickly throughout the day. near 50 degrees already. compared to last week, it's a big difference. 50 degrees in the district, 46 in hagerstown, 51 in quantico, to 83 in lexington park. we will be near 80 degrees for the high temperature of around 4:00 p.m. the record high at dulles airport is 81. we will come close to that. very windy today southwesterly winds up to 40 miles an hour. morning showers and storms
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tomorrow in the 50's on tuesday afternoon. how is the commute? we have activity in the southbound third street tunnel. around the beltway is ok. no problems on the interstates except for growing volume of traffic. the entrance escalator statio -- the entrance escalators are out of service at the foggy bottom station. coming out of the third street tunnel in the southbound lanes there's the option of going to the left or the right. the left lane still blocked. we have a few investigators on the scene trying to piece this together. police remain here as they try to determine what led to this. there was a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed coming out of the third street tunnel
5:32 am
trying to make the exit. authorities believe that is when accident happened. they believe this may have been a corvette traveling at high rate of speed. we have no identity in the fatal accident. there is no word on whether there were many other injuries involved in the accident. police still have the left side blocked. that's out of the third street tunnel. you are forced petunia to the right -- you are forced to go to the right. there are still some vehicles on my way. they will have to remove those before they get the lanes back open. that could lead to some types this morning if you are headed through the southbound lanes of the third street tunnel. brianne carter, abc 7 news. another heads up for drivers headed to d.c. there's a configuration in place on the 14th street bridge. the left center lane is shut down. drivers heading onto 14th street
5:33 am
will have to use the far left lane. driver is staying on 395 may use three right lanes. there will be less time to merge now. police looking for a taxicab passengers who may have information about a deadly hit- and-run crash on 66. two passengers were in a taxicab that was allegedly involved in the crash yesterday. investigators say 23-year-old daniel park of herndon was hit by the taxi cab after he got out of the car to vomit. police have spoken to the driver, but they need the passengers' account to corroborate the story. new developments concerning airline safety. cracks have been found in three more planes. >> during a flight on friday there was an emergency landing after a tear opened. more cancellations and delays as
5:34 am
a result now. courtney robinson is tracking the latest. >> this is dealing with southwest airlines. cancellations and frustrations will continue once again today and likely well into tomorrow as inspectors continued checking out a number of airplanes. they have found three planes with subsurface cracks similar to what is believed to have brought down 812 on friday in arizona. the 15-year-old 737 so-called from phoenix. the pilot had to land quickly in yuma after parts of the views lodge ripped open. of 118 passengers on board, no one was seriously injured. -- parts of the fuselage ripped open. yesterday inspectors removed parts of the damaged airplane descend to the ntsb. organization is also looking at
5:35 am
voice and data recordings from the flight. south60 airplanes remain grounded and 19 airplanes will return to service according to southwest. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. new this morning maryland's public service commission is criticizing verizon 4 mfor a lack of notification about 911 outages. thousands of 911 calls were prevented from going through. the rise and may have violated state laws by not notifying emergency call centers in montgomery and prince george's counties about the outages. pepco is under more pressure to deliver better service. today montgomery county executive ike leggett will join state lawmakers in their push to require tougher standards and will announce the results of a recent survey of pepco
5:36 am
customers. 95% experienced at least one outage of more than five hours in the past year. free lance journalist from baltimore missing in libya. matthew vandyke went there in february as an uprising began hoping to write a book. his family's last contact with him was on march 12. his girlfriend says he was planning a trip brega on the day government forces stormed a rebel stronghold. the state department is aware of his case. thousands of people used the beautiful weather as an excuse to check out the cherry blossoms. the first week of the national cherry blossom festival ended with the lighting of a lantern at the tidal basin. earlier in the day, thousands of runners took to the streets for the cherry blossom 10-mile run. i>> it is beautiful down there. but when you have company in town, they want to see it. so we went down there.
5:37 am
it was worth it. >> very nice. 50 degrees so far today. 5:36 is the time. >> the face of cbs news is calling it quits. what is next for katie couric after five years with the network? >> the spending showdown is a countdown to a government shutdown. we will have a live report.
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i am a fourth grade teacher at st. stephen's and st. agnes school in alexandria, virginia. i'm a contestant on "jeopardy teachers tournament." this is my class. >> good morning, washington. >> you have to appreciate the monday morning excitement. 50 degrees in northwest d.c. outlying suburbs in low 40's. 50 in stafford. huntingtown at 52. later today, very warm, much warmer than the past couple days near record-breaking highs. the record high temperature at reagan national is 85 degrees. dulles airport is 81. should we break a record, dollars will be the most likely one to fall. we did dulles airport will be the most likely one. it will be gusty out of the
5:41 am
southwest. it will be mild with high temperatures near 80 degrees. in the cold front early tomorrow morning will cause areas of showers and thunderstorms late tonight and especially early tomorrow morning, in time for the morning commute. sunny and windy today near 80. showers and storms develop late tonight and especially early tomorrow morning with the cold front. the wind will be out of the northwest tomorrow, dropping temperatures down the 50's tomorrow afternoon. that's the forecast. how are the roads? the roads are great. southbound into richmond and north into baltimore, the beltway, looks good on the greenway and the toll roads. looks good on 81, about 11, 270, 15, 26 340, across the american legion bridge as well. in springfield, more of your
5:42 am
neighbors hitting the roads. there's a fatal crash that occurred in the southbound third street tunnel on the ramp that would take you to 395. you are able to access the southbound tunnel from new york avenue, but you have to head towards the 14th street bridge when you exit the tunnel. back to you. >> thank you. 5:42 is the time, 50 degrees. >> coming up, charlie sheen 2.0. there was a disastrous show in detroit. we will see how the fans responded the last time. >> the budget battle continues on capitol hill
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welcome back. we begin our top stories at 5:45 would breaking news. part of 395 in the district is
5:46 am
shut down. police investigated deadly crash from overnight. it appears the driver of the car lost control of the ramp to 295. the driver died at the scene. there's no word on how long the closure will be in place. that will inspectors discovered cracks on three more southwest airlines planes. this comes after cracks were found on two other planes. the airline grounded nearly 80 boeing 737's after an airplane started opening up in mid flight last friday. the government is launching a program to fix aging oil and gas pipelines across the country. the program is meant captive prevent catastrophic explosions like last year's deadly pipeline blast that damage to california neighborhood. lawmakers get back to work this week on the federal budget and time is running out to reach a deal. congress has five days to stop a government shutdown. any sort of compromise could still be a long way off.
5:47 am
we are live on capitol hill this morning with the latest and what is at stake. >> good morning. both democrats and republicans are working toward a budget. the republicans have to compromise with democrats as well as members of the tea party. with republicans and democrats in the battle over the next budget, one of the problems according to the house majority leader is working with members of the tea party. >> the republican leadership has to make a decision whether to the right thing for the country or do the right thing for the tea party. >> members of the tea party say that there's no room for compromise. john boehner is caught between a radi radical freshman congress members and others. >> the goal is to cut spending. >> he says that a compromise
5:48 am
will get done on capitol hill this week, but he says that his party is committed to getting the most spending cuts out of this budget as possible. abc 7 news. 5:47. a budget for public schools will be in focus when my coming county council members meet today. they will also discuss a study on parking policies and they will talk about establishing a 5 cent back tax similar to the one in d.c. on friday a woman tried to pull down a painting from a wall. she was screaming "this is evil." she was talking about the clear plastic covering. the painting depicts women with their breasts exposed. the suspect appeared in court on friday.
5:49 am
5:48. we have been talking about the lovely temperatures we are expecting throughout the day nice and warm. >> temperatures warmed up on the weekend. today we are going to skyrocket. it is one of those days where the temperature could get a little out of control compared to what we have had in the forecast. >> a lot of flip-flops. >> today is one of those days. my producer adjusted 90 in my ear. is that your prediction? >> absolutely not. >> the average high is 62. today we will be close to the record as opposed to the average. very much like spring. even for the rest of this week we will be a lot more springlike than last week. we could challenge the record high temperature at dulles
5:50 am
airport, which is 81. 50 degrees right now in the district, 48 in gaithersburg, 46 in winchester, 51 in quantico, 48 in annapolis. water temperatures are still cool. the locations near the waterways will be cooler than the in london -- the inland areas. the cold front will bring showers and thunderstorms especially tomorrow morning. i should say late tonight and early tomorrow morning, just in time for the morning rush hour. areas of showers and storms and maybe a few downpours giving added to an inch of rain in some sparts. turning sunny today near 80, but windy. you will notice the gusty wind out of the southwest today until 40 miles an hour. showers and storms late tonight and then early tomorrow morning
5:51 am
then senate tomorrow. temperatures will drop into the 50's tomorrow afternoon. the rest of the week is very springlike. well into the 60's by thursday. back in the 70-degree range by friday, lasting through the weekend. a few chances of rain, nothing drastic. the best shot is friday, and then a few showers possible on the weekend, but not a washout. traffic out of southern maryland route 4, route 5, 228 into southeast d.c. is good. no problems near andrews air force base. zooming into 95 and b-w parkway a pretty good run. and on 50 between cheverly and the district. 270, a little heavy volume but it looks good south to the american legion bridge. we are taking you there live. traffic in and out of tysons, moving at speed.
5:52 am
heavier volume spotted on 66 eastbound in fair oaks. 95 leaving woodbridge as well. this is springfield traffic in this camera. we are open to the 14th street bridge. accident investigation in the southbound third street tunnel. brianne carter will take us there, coming up soon. now to news. we are number one. washington topped the list of the most depressed baseball fans. >> funding a child pose a college tuition is not the only thing parents can do with a 520- 1 savings plan. linda bell has more from bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> sorry to be the bearer of bad news. first, many parents set up a savings plan to save for their kids' college tuition. they can also be set up in an adult's name to pay for their own schooling like continuing
5:53 am
education courses. there has been a jump in adults cooling --in adults going back to school. so these plans are becoming more appealing to adults. bloomberg news reports university is barring $300 million to a rhonda money-losing swap agreement with goldman sacks. so bizarre the university has lost $4.5 million on two swaps as of december 31. baseball season now. fans heading to stadiums across the country. washington national's fans are not so happy. according to analysis, washington is the unhappiest probate's also because they have finished in last place except for 2005. the defeat against the atlanta braves yesterday did not help
5:54 am
much. live at bloomberg headquarters linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. sorry, guys. >> i like that at the bill -- that advil was the company that did that study. >> i like that. 50 degrees out
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back. katie couric is leaving the
5:57 am
anger desk at cbs. less than five years after taking the job. an anonymous bidder executive reported this to the associated press. a cbs spokeswoman says the company did not have any announcements to make and will not comment on rumor or speculation. she is expected to launch a syndicated talk show and several companies are reportedly competing foreign services. a contract we did her contract is set to expire on june 4. reaction to charlie sheen's stage show has been mixed. he was greeted with cheers in chicago. but the fans walked out of his first show in detroit. audience members in chicago said that it was not great but there were amusing moments. he talked about his marriages career and live with women that he calls his goddesses.
5:58 am
he skipped a long monologue and videos that were part of the first show. we are reserving henson, we're going to go over sales figures, complete this merger and present to the board. sink your teeth into some big n' toasty if you understand. good. yo gu've got spunk. a big day calls for the new big n' toasty. wrap your hands around fried eggs cherrywood-smoked bacon, and cheese on texas toast. americica runs on dunkin'.
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